antibacterial yarn
antibacterial yarn
Our antibacterial yarn is  iodine compound, not silver compound. Sliver compound maybe causes skin irritation, iodine compound is safe, our antibacterial yarn doesn't worry about skin irritation.
antibacterial yarn passed test, report data as following.
antibacterial yarn is researched and developed by our company, from making antibacterial chip to spinning antibacterial yarn.
antibacterial yarn has more functions, antifungal, deodorization and keep dry.
antibacterial yarn is used on sock and clothing fabric, antibacterial yarn item:  POY 86/48 dope dyed bleached white & black and made by order.

antibacterial yarn
1.Description: iodine-based compound formula, that use the antibacterial mechanism of iodine to destroy the cell walls of bacteria, fungi and algae, hindering the synthesis of proteases, DNA and thiol groups, which blocks the reproductive cycle of the bacteria.
2. Appearance: dope dyed colors by customers
3. Denier:20D~70D
4. Packing:2-4.5kg/pc, 16-27kg/case 
5. ApplicationSocks, Underwear. Product will become mould-proof, anti-bacterial, and odor-free.
6. This iodine compounded product complies with CP2005, USP26, EP medical grade standards.